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PE Results

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Summer 2021

Well done to the year 8 Rounders Team who took part in their first ever rounders fixture against Forest Gate Community School winning 16.5—10!

On the day the girls executed fantastic fielding skills making it really difficult for Forest Gate to gain many half rounders.  The girls stayed consistent in their performance when batting with many big hits!  After the first inning it was clear that it was to be a close game with St. Angela’s having secured 7.5 and Forest Gate on 6. But the girls didn’t let the close score  worry them, instead they gave it their absolute all and stormed the second innings by securing a further 9 rounders before continuing to demonstrate their effective fielding and conceding just 4 rounders.  Well done girls! 

Cross Country

Autumn Term 2019

The Year 7 to 11 Cross Country team did fantastically at the Newham Championships. Some great performances through the year groups. A special mention to Vicky in Year 7 who came 8th overall.


Summer 2021

Year 7 Lee Valley Outdoor School Cup

A great start to the athletics season this year! It was the teams first time taking part in an outdoor athletics competition and there were some brilliant performances. Congratulations to Eliora, Angeline, Princess, Keren, Martina and Sarah for being picked to be a part of the team and represent St Angela’s. A huge well done to Princess for coming 2nd in her heat for 100m and to the relay team consisting of Keren, Angeline, Princess and Eliora who came 3rd in their heat! 

Year 7 Athletics Team

Year 8 & 9 Lee Valley Outdoor School Cup

Congratulations to Alisha, Klaudia, Kady, Miriam, Selasie, Afua and Kaira for being picked for the athletics competition this year! Throughout the day the girls showed determination and motivation. They were resilient, encouraging and modelled sportsmanship well. 

A massive Congratulations to Kady for coming 3rd in her hurdles heat! 

Year 8 Athletics Team
Year 9 Athletics Team

Spring Term 2020

Y7 Sports Hall Athletics Champions 

The Year 7 Athletics team have reigned supreme through many rounds of the Sports Hall Athletics competition. They came first in the Newham round and then beat another 8 London Boroughs in the semi final! The team came first in 5 of the 6 track events and won all 5 field events! The PE department are incredibly proud of everything the team have achieved, you are all fantastic Athletes! We very much look forward to watching you get many more medals in the future.


Year 7 Lee Valley Silver Medal Win

The Year 7 Athletics teams success continued into the Lee Valley Indoor Final. There were 72 Schools who entered the competition over all, so getting to the final was an achievement in itself. The girls achieved an incredible silver medal narrowly missing out on gold by a few points!


Autumn Term 2019

A huge congratulations to the Year 10/11 Athletics team who won silver at the Lee Valley indoor Athletics Championships. An incredible result considering they had just competed in the Cross Country earlier that day! Well done, a much deserved result.


The Year 10/11 Athletics team have made it through to the Lee Valley Indoor Athletics championships final. 



Spring Term 2019

  • U15 Volleyball team won the Newham competition to go onto represent Newham at the London Youth Games
  • Congratulations to St Angela’s Volleyball team who beat Forest Gate School 25-18 in the Newham Volleyball Final to enable them to go forward to represent Newham at the London Youth Games.


Autumn Term 2019

  • The U14 football team beat Bacon's College 7 - 0 

Spring Term 2019

  • The Y7 Football team have kicked off the Newham league with a 4-0 win over Brampton
  • The Y7 5-a-side Football team came 3rd overall in the English Schools FA regional round
  • U13 5-a-side Football team came 2nd overall at the Essex Schools FA competition


Summer Term 2021

A huge congratulations to the year 7 Netball Team who represented St Angela’s in their first netball fixture against our netball rivals Brampton Academy winning 2-0!

On the day the girls played incredibly well by demonstrating some fantastic attacking and defending skills. We saw some shining moments of interceptions, and some amazing attacking drives towards the ball. In preparation for the game the girls had been training hard at netball club every Wednesday after school. Well done girls keep up the hard work at club and we can look forward to some more wins in the Newham Netball League next year! 

Year 7 Netball Team


Spring Term 2020


A huge congratulations to the Year 7 Netball Team who placed 2nd in the Newham Schools Netball Tournament on Tuesday 25th February.
On the day the girls showed fantastic teamwork and talent throughout each of the 8 games played. The girls left the tournament unbeaten with 6 wins and 2 draws. It was an extremely close final with the girls missing out on first place by just 1 point!  

Congratulations to:  
Jana  (7 Packham), Erin  (7 Quant), Jane  (7 Burton), Miriam (7 Wang), Tyra  (7 Burton), Blessing  (7 Okpo), Juanita  (7 Okpo), and Nevaeh (7 Quant).  

Congratulations to the Year 7 and 8 Netball teams who played against Plashet this week winning 9-0 and 12-1 respectively! Keep up the hard work girls and keep working towards the Newham Schools Netball Championship title!  

Autumn Term 2019

Year 7:

Another congratulations to the Year 7 netball team who recently played in a tough Essex Schools Competition against Notley High School in Braintree. Despite the hour long journey the girls left with an impressive 7 - 5 win. Well done  Jane (7 Burton), Tyra (7 Burton), Vania (7 Burton), Juanita 7 Okpo) Angel (7 Packham), Jana (7 Packham) Erin (7 Quant), Nevaeh (7 Quant), Ana (7 Wang), Miriam (7 Wang) and Blessing (7 Okpo). The team also went on to play a second fixture during the same week in the Newham Schools League and won 6 - 2 against Little Ilford School! 

Year 8:

Well done to the Year 8 netball team who won 8-0 against Little Ilford School! The girls have been training hard every week attending lunchtime and after school training. It just shows hard work does pay off! Well done Rancel (8 Lockwood), Emily (8 Fawcett), Teresa (8 Fawcett), Kaneesha (8 Truth), Rachael (8 Pankhurst), Adaeze (8 Kenney), Madelaine (8 Lockwood), Rina (8 Lockwood).


Congratulations to the Year 7 netball team who have started the season strong with a fantastic win against Langdon Academy 6-0! The girls demonstrated fantastic passing, agility and teamwork.

Congratulations to Jane, Tyra, Vania, Juanita, Angel, Jana, Erin, Nevaeh, Ana and Miriam.

Well done, keep up the hard work!


Summer Term 2021

National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition
NJIRC is an annual competition which would normally take place at the Copper Box however this year it went virtual. 

All classes from Year 7 to 11 took part and the top five rowers in each category were entered in this national competition.  Year 11 rowed for 6 minutes, Year 10 for 5 minutes, Year 9 for 4 minutes, Year 8 for 3 minutes and Year 7 for 2 minutes.  It is an intensive row on the ergo machines as the rowers try to sprint for as long as possible.  

Two rowers Martina (yr 11) and Ekene (yr 8) achieved a silver and bronze medal respectively at the National Champions in the KS4 and KS3 invitational races.  Other team members performed exceptionally, for some it was the first time they were competing at NJIRC and many of the experienced rowers achieved personal bests.

The results were as follows:

KS3 Invitational - 2 min row
Ekene rowed 396m Bronze medal     
Abigale rowed 378m - 4th
Sheriska rowed 320m - 8th

Year 7 - out of 593 rowers
Elsie rowed 450m - 70th
Amira rowed 434m -  117th
Davida rowed 433m -  20th 
Evelina rowed 432m  - 122nd
Tejen rowed 425m -  146th

Year 9 - out of 325 rowers
Jeanette rowed 917m - 48th
Afua rowed 880m -  90th
Adanna rowed 867m -  112th
Maryanna rowed 860m - 118th
Karita rowed 856m -  123rd

Year 11—out of 55 rowers
Bethany rowed 1400m - 15th
Chioma rowed 1376m - 18th
Brume rowed 1348m - 21st
Peace rowed 1319 - 24th
Ashanti rowed 1309 - 25th

KS4 Invitational - 2 min row
Martina rowed 478m - Silver Medal
Manuela rowed 349m - 7th

Year 8 - out of 359 rowers
Theresa rowed 688m - 40th
Erin rowed 654m - 85th
Tyra rowed 652m -  89th
Hanneil rowed 651m -  96th
Malia rowed 645m -  115th 

Year 10 - out of 133 rowers
Vesna rowed 1137m - 47th
Emmanuella rowed 1076m - 61st
Allegra rowed 1057m - 69th
Everita rowed 1055m - 70th
Alicja rowed 1044 - 71st

The best 4 rower’s results were entered for the sprint relay with the Junior team placing 18th with a time of 2:12.9/500m and the Senior team placing 11th with a time of 2:10.3/500m.

A fantastic achievement by all the rowers - well done!


Spring Term 2020


National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition

NJIRC is an annual competition which took place at the Copper Box with over 2000 competitors rowing.  St. Angela’s took a team of 16 pupils to compete in this national competition.

Once we arrived the rowers registered and were given a booklet to complete. They could participate in various activities and receive a stamp for each of them.

Rowing for the competition was in year groups with  Yr 10 for 5 minutes, Yr 9 for 4 minutes, Yr 8 for 3 minutes and Yr 7 for 2 minutes.  It is an intensive row on the ergo machines as the rowers try to sprint for as long as possible.  

Other team members performed exceptionally well with many of them achieving personal bests.
The results were as follows:

KS3 Invitational - 2 min row
Ekene rowed 490m - Gold medal
Manuela rowed 382m - 6th

KS4 Invitational - 2 min row
Martina rowed 484m - Gold Medal
Vanessa rowed 419m - 4th
Erin rowed 460m - 33rd

Year 8 - out of 217 rowers
Adanna rowed 652m - 148th

Year 9 - out of 179 rowers
Katie rowed 839m - 139th
Chelsea rowed 806m - 162nd

Year 10 - out of 117 rowers
Chioma rowed 1181m - 37th
Bethany rowed 1179m - 39th 
Susanna rowed 1146m - 49th
Brume rowed 1142m - 53rd
Peace rowed 1130m - 56th 
Alexandra rowed 1080m - 79th
Margarita rowed 1056m - 83rd
Khatezlyn rowed 1036m - 97th
Motunrayo rowed 1031m - 98th

The rowers also completed in relay races:
Sprint relay saw them row for 2000m as part of a team of 4 from KS3 - placing 65th out of 97 teams.
Boat race relay is to row the time it takes to complete the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race which is 16 minutes and 19 seconds.  In that time the team of eight year 10 students rowed 4266m and placed 10th.

A fantastic achievement by all the rowers - well done!

Autumn Term 2019


Active Row East

Congratulations to the Rowing team who competed at the Active Row East competition facilitated by London Youth Rowing.  The team won a handful of medals and saw many of the students improving their personal best. Students received their medals from triple Olympic gold medalist Andrew Triggs Hodge and they were:

Brume - Yr 10 silver medal
Bethany _ Yr 10 Bronze medal 
Martina - KS4 inclusive gold medal 
Vanessa - KS4 inclusive silver medal 
Ekene - KS3 inclusive silver medal and
Pamela - KS3 inclusive bronze medal
Angelica and Manuela won certificates for special achievement

Well done to Bethany, Khatezlyn, Mo, Chioma, Margarita, Peace, Nia, Chelsea, Katie, Jenae, Adanna, Maseray, Hosana, Erin, Willow.