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Student Life

St Angela's Head Girl (2018-2019), Melanie Hilaire, shares her experience of being a student at St Angela's Sixth Form:

"Being a student at St Angela’s since Year 7, and now being Head Girl of the sixth form here, I have been taught and have recognised the importance of ‘Serviam’, which is the motto at our school, meaning ‘to serve’. This is something that is held very highly across the entire sixth form, through our studies, extra curricular activities and of course through our relationships with one another and members of staff. Being a student here means that you’re instantly part of a community or a family, regardless of your differences in religion or belief, which is something I believe makes St Angela’s so special. Through my time at St Angela’s, I’ve been given a number of fantastic experiences both in and out of the classroom, through which we are always supported by the staff, from UCAS applications to pastoral support. 

Not only does St Angela’s offer the most amazing support in terms of the staff, but we are also lucky enough to have various facilities and resources that aid us to reach our full potential. We have a number of study locations, such as the Desenzano building, which is the main Sixth Form study centre, but we also have the library, and other places where we are given the option to study independently or in groups, which are extremely helpful during exam periods. 

Being a St Angela’s girl has and will always be an honour, and a badge that I wear with pride. The history, the beautiful school grounds and the atmosphere of the Sixth Form  instantly makes you feel as though you belong. It has taught me how to be more resilient, determined and strive to reach my full potential, in everything I do, and I will forever be grateful for my time spent here. "

Melanie Hilaire, Head Girl (2018-2019)