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Home Learning Resources

In addition to the work being provided by the school there is a whole range of other resources that you can tap into to further support your daughter. 

BBC Bitesize
The BBC has expanded the resources it has available on its website. BBC Bitesize has launched daily lessons which can be accessed by students and parents to further support learning. They have utilised the support of many great celebrity experts to provide engaging activities on a range of topics across different age groups. 

Children's Newsround
As an adult watching the news at this particular time can be very upsetting and create anxiety. It is important that we monitor children's exposure to the news ensuring that they are not reading fake news and are able to process the information in an age appropriate way. We would highly recommend childrens Newsround. It continues to inform students about what is going on in our world with coronavirus but also selects news items from a range of different areas and teenagers' interests to vary what they are reading.

BBC Four
BBC Four is showing evening programmes to support both GCSE and A level curriculum. Whilst your daughter may not be at that point in her education yet a bit of foundation building is always useful. There are many documentaries covering a range of topics including a period drama on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer's Night Dream or a documentary on the rebuilding of Notre Dame.

Ted Talks
Ted talks are extremely educational but selecting the most relevant ones for a younger audience can be tricky. Ted-Ed is an organisation behind the Ted Talks and has created a wide range of videos that are more student friendly. 

The YouTube channel Free School offers a range of videos on different topics from Biographies for students to famous artists and even some classical music from Mozart.

Oak National Academy
The government has recently launched the Oak National Academy learning platform which provides 180 hours of online video lessons per week which are age and subject specific. 

STEM Learning
STEM Learning has put together a range of free curriculum linked activities. The aim of this organisation is to improve lives through world-leading science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. They have utilised a range of science experts including the astronaut Tim Peak who is seen answering questions about his amazing space adventures. Subject experts are available online to help every weekday. 

Reading For Pleasure
Alongside online learning I would advocate the importance of reading for pleasure. Reading is proven to develop the mind and improve vocabulary. If you have access to paper books at home please encourage your daughter to read them.
You can visit this website for some recommended reads:

Young Enterprise
As an organisation Young Enterprise continue to work closely with business and education to support young people to develop the vital skills which will be valuable in their future life and work.

Parent Toolkit is designed to give parents access to a range of Young Enterprise and Young Money resources suitable for use with children and young people as part of their home-learning. There are some resources suitable for all ages, and others specifically for primary or secondary and older.


Newham School Sport Partnership
Below is some information from the Newham Schools Sport Partnership to support parents with vulnerable students at home. 

The resources include fun activities and games, including some printable resource cards:

Home Activities Programme

Air Balloon Activity Sheet

Sock-ia Activity Sheet

Top Sportability
An online resource supporting inclusive physical activity, PE and school sport. This is a fantastic platform where you can access further activities.

There is also a login for parents/carers to access The Youth Sports TOP Sportability programme.

Login to Website and use passcode YSTINCLUSION26 to register as a user. * 

*Please Note: When registering you may need to enter the password manually as opposed to 'copy and paste'.