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Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

In order to prepare students for progression to Higher Education or apprenticeship pathways we have a detailed programme of events for every student.

Through our Routes to Success Programme we provide customised enrichment activities including: university visits, degree subject talks, employer mentoring, work experience and careers talks from leading employers.
We have a comprehensive programme for application to leading universities and competitive courses, including Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine and Dentistry. The Sixth Form regularly sends students to study at the top universities and has excellent links with all the London universities together with partnerships with universities inside and outside of London

Careers Guidance

Mr Jarvis the School Careers Adviser offers career guidance appointments helping students explore their career ideas and choose a pathway for after Sixth Form. This includes guidance on a choice of degree subjects, which universities to apply to or support applying for apprenticeships.

In addition we put students in touch with volunteering and personal development opportunities. The careers team regularly supports students by giving feedback on application forms and providing mock interviews.

“It has helped me realise what I need to do next (research) and opened doors I didn’t realise were there’

“It has helped me with which work experience I should do and how to find it”

“Many thanks I couldn’t have done it without you and your help, 
especially during the mock interview!”

Parents Guide To National Careers Week

Dear Parents,

Please click on the link below to view and download a PDF Parents Guide to National Careers Week:

The Parents Guide to Careers For National Careers Week  

It has been produced by The Parents Guide To organisation - and includes useful careers information - especially on apprenticeships and vocational pathways after GCSEs or sixth form.  There is also good information on the value of virtual work experience and how to speak to your daughter or son about their future.

There are links included to the Govt website on apprenticeships and to Speakers For Schools virtual work experience placements where our students in year 11, 12 and 13 can apply for work experience with major employers and organisations. 

St Angela's is signed up to the Speakersforschools Experience Programme; Click here to register and look at work experience opportunities and events. 

Mr Jarvis
School Careers Adviser 

Work Experience

I Can You Can Too Coaching & Mentoring Programme 

Year 12s work alongside leading City Employers! 

The #icanyoucantoo careers mentoring programme helps young people with the confidence and skills to access career opportunities with major employers in competitive industries. 

A former pupil of our sixth form Mr Nilesh Dosa, a consultant at Big-4 Financial Services firm EY, runs this for students from St Angela’s, St Bonaventure’s and Barking Abbey Schools and his work with the project has recently been featured in Forbes magazine.  

Eight of our Year 12 students were selected to take part: 

Kioli and Catherine (12 Carruthers), Paula and Liona (12 Kane), Neo (12 Liston), Daniela (12 Cunningham), Rabir (12 Pellegrini) and Tracy (12 Sharif). We also had 2 Year 13 Ambassadors Delina (13 Hector) and Bella (13 Oyebanjo) who did a great job supporting the events and our Year 12s participation.    

From October 19 to the end of February 20 there were four events hosted at EY, Linklaters Law Firm, Redington Investment and Moo Design’s prestigious offices in the City as well as a “Live Career Library” at Pearsons Business College. From March the programme moved online with weekly group mentoring and training sessions until the end of June 20.

Our mentees learnt from a top team of executives and recruiters from these companies about what employers look for and how they recruit. They also practised key employability skills. 

Highlights included:

  • A launch session at EY Canary Wharf with Debate Mate

  • An event at Moo – how to develop your personal brand and emotional resilience

  • First Impressions / Interview Skills – Linklater’s Law Firm

  • “Live Careers Library”- 37 professionals from accountants, actuaries, investment bankers and marketing managers to lawyers, architects, doctors and engineers all with major employer’s formed into panels to talk to our mentees about their career area’s   

  • Weekly Video conferencing April to June 20- talks and group mentoring sessions facilitated by Nilesh with guest speakers including those in key roles at EY and HSBC    

Our Year 12s also took part in the following activities which were assessed by EY and Redington executives and recruiters– they also received personalised written feedback.

  • Group discussion selection exercises at Redington with students from other schools

  • Our students giving video presentations on a topic of their choice

  • How to write CVs and CV reviews 

  • Practice telephone mock Job interviews


Examples of the great feedback received from our mentees and ambassadors:    

“I feel the inspiration and teaching we have received so far has and will continue to provide us with life skills and important things to think about going forwards in life” – Neo

“I found writing a CV and getting a professional to review it really helpful as I learnt how to make my CV stand out from the crowd” – Paula . 

“It’s a very inspirational programme. It covers different aspects like careers and character building and it has helped me understand my character even more and shown me how to present myself” - Daniela.

“The skills and experiences I’ve gained have been so insightful and invaluable. I particularly enjoyed the session on personal branding as it was very eye-opening and useful” – Delina

“The Icanyoucantoo project was well worth applying too” – Rabir

Realising Opportunities

Realising Opportunities Russell Group Universities Project
Year 12 and 13 successful outcomes.

Realising Opportunities includes taster lectures, events and mentoring for sixth formers provided by 16 of the country’s leading Russell Group research intensive Universities.  

The Universities are: Birmingham, Exeter, Goldsmiths, Kings, Leeds, Lancaster, Leicester, Liverpool, Loughborough, Queen Mary, Newcastle, Sheffield, Sussex, UCL, Warwick and York

Each student is linked to an undergraduate mentor studying a subject they aspire to. They also complete an academic assignment. Those completing get RO (Realising Opportunities) UCAS degree offers at Russell Group Universities, 2 A level grades lower than standard offer.

We have now been working in partnership with “Realising Opportunities” for 7 years via our host university Kings College, University of London.   

Twelve Year 12 students, a very high number from one school, were successful getting onto the project this academic year. They attended a launch at Kings College in January and the National RO Student Conference at University of Exeter in March.

We also have seven Year 13s who completed the 2nd year of Realising Opportunities with fantastic RO reduced UCAS offers at Russell group universities. 
Examples of offers received: 

Medicine – Queen Mary University of London - AAA (instead of A*AA))

Psychology – UCL University College London- AAB (instead of A*AA)

Psychology – Queen Mary – BBB (instead of AAB)

Economics and Industrial Organisations - Warwick – AAB (instead of A*AA)   

Maths – Kings College University of London- AAC (instead of A*AA) 

Children’s Nursing – University of Birmingham – BCC (instead of BBB)

Ancient World History- UCL  – BBB (instead of AAB)

Maths - University of Birmingham- ABB (Instead of AAA)

Maths – Lancaster University - ABB (Instead of AAA)

We hope to get some more of our new Year 12s onto this great project next academic year.

Work Experience, Mentoring & Careers Insights

Virtual Work Experience, Mentoring and Careers insights secured for students
Autumn Term 2020     

Icanyoucantoo Careers Coaching and Mentoring Programme
Started October 20  

12 Year 12s started this 8 month bespoke programme linked to St Angela’s and two other schools. This term all attended 4 workshops led by a dedicated team of recruiters and executives from EY (world leading accountancy firm), HSBC Bank and Redington Investment. Our students learn how to prepare for a professional career with coaching on CVs, presentation and interview skills. Next term there will be inputs from CRS Law firm, Simon Merry Architects, Sky Sports and Moo Design plus access to careers events and work experience.
Felicia (12 Clift), Sarah (12 Hawkes) Gabrielle, Aishah, Claire (12 Hector), Davina (12 Hooker), Nicole, Sean (12 John), Stacey (12 Larkin), Rosita, Eniola (12 Perry) and Rosh (12 Permaul).

Bart’s Health NHS Trust | Healthcare Horizons Mentoring Project + Insight Events
September and October starts   

14 Year 12s started or will be starting the Healthcare Horizons Mentoring Project via our compact with Bart’s Healthcare Horizons team. With online workshops led by doctors to explore healthcare careers, a healthcare professional as a mentor (mentors linked to our students include a final year medical student and a clinical psychologist) plus support with UCAS applications for their chosen medical profession. 

Abel (12 Clift) Teresa (12 Hawkes) Asia, Samantha (12 Hector) Ayhmah (12 Hooker) Nasra, El-Hephzibah, Benita (12 John) Jennifer, Fatima, Denise, Shanay (12 Larkin) Nabeela (12 Permaul) and Suvasthiga (12 Perry)

A further 11 Year 12s have also attended Bart’s Horizons Medical + Dental Insight events:   


Medicine and Dentistry Healthcare
27th and 28th October

Felicia (12 Clift) Benita (12 John), Denise (12 Larkin) and Suvasthiga (12 Perry)


Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions
27th and 28th October

Asia, Samantha, Venessa (12 Hector), Neha (12 John) Sadia (12 Larkin), Nabeela (12 Permaul), Querida (12 Perry) 


Facebook Elevate Project | STEM Mentoring with Facebook Executives
October to December

7 Year 12s joined this cutting edge project via our partnership with The Brokerage City Link. Taking part in a series of six events they were linked to Facebook software developers / tech professionals learning about tech careers and employability skills.  Our students gave a tech presentation to Facebook executives

Rachel (12 Clift) Arpon, Sarah, Elaira (12Hawks) Meet (12 Larkin) Waleed (12 Perry) and Faizan (12 Permaul) 

Nat West Legal First Steps Programme | 1 Week Work experience
14th to 18th September

3 Year 12s were able to undertake a week of virtual interactive work experience with Nat West learning from corporate lawyers and finance professionals at the Bank.  Again, organised through The Brokerage.
Angelica (13 Liston), Tanzilah and Hamza (13 Pellegrini) 

National Audit Office | 1 Week Work Experience
October Half Term Week  

Rabir (13 Pellegrini) successfully applied for this competitive opportunity through The Brokerage City Link completing 5 days work experience with the National Audit Office in accountancy practise. 


Dentons and Wilde LLP Law PRIME Work Experience 2020
3 Days, 26th to 29th October 

Cynthia (13 Carruthers) was selected for this competitive work placement with a leading law firm via Rare.   

Women Into Finance - One Search Careers Mentoring and Scholarship Programme
Started October 2020

7 Year 12s joined One Search a specialist recruitment agency who place graduates with employers such as JP Morgan, Aviva Investors, Allianz Global Investors and Societe Generale Investment Bank, etc. One Search only offer this 5 year Scholarship to six Schools. Starting in Year 12 our students are linked to a finance professional for meetings and start a Financial Services Qualification. The programme continues into their 3 years at university with paid internships with financial institutions and help finding graduate jobs.     
Kelly, Zainab (12 Clift), Anjali (12 Hector) Kimberley (12 Hooker), Rabia (12 John), Lamesha and Sefora (12 Larkin).   


Young Professionals Work Experience
26th to 28th October 

12 Year 12 students and 6 Year 13 students completed the 3 days taking part in workshops, interactive tasks and learning about different industries.  Our students also learnt about job interviews, skills employers look for, how to network and created professional linked in accounts. This was with a great range of employers: PwC, IBM, Vodafone, Cap Gemini, BP, Grant Thornton, Browne Jacobsen law firm, The RAF and The Royal Navy. The employers also gave Insights into their apprenticeship schemes and university pathways. 

Khankhara, Alesha (12 Clift), Darsheet, Sarah, Arpon (12Hawkes), Davina, (12 Hooker) Raveena (12 John) Lamesha (12 Larkin) Temitope (12 Pellegrini) Alexandra (12 Permaul) Waleed, Uvrajpreet (12 Perry), Olivia (13 Ahmed), Ania (13 Blake), Haajadri (13 Carruthers), Zoe, Angelica (13 Liston) and Adriana (13 Onyemere)


University of The Arts London Insights | UCAS Autumn Schools for Architecture and Fine Art    
4 Year 13s attend weekly after school portfolio preparation + UCAS advice sessions for Architecture and Fine Art at the prestigious Art Schools Central St Martins and Chelsea, Camberwell + Wimbledon- via our work with UAL Insights Team.
Kamara, Maryam, Jasmine (13 Jenkins) and Camila (13 Sharif)


Creative Mentor Network | Mentoring with Film Production Company The Mill
September to December      

1 Year 13 was selected by CMN to work with a Producer at The Mill - a global film, video and special effects agency who create content for advertising agencies, brands and film production companies. This is a 16 week project with fortnightly online meetings with a professional mentor contributing real work for the employer. 
Amira (13 Carruthers)


Credit Suisse Investment Banking in Practice | 2 Day Training Course
26th and 27th October

2 Year 13s were selected to take part in 2 days of training at Credit Suisse Investment Bank offices in Canary Wharf to learn about sales, trading, mergers and acquisitions! They were also able to gain a Level 2 qualification in market analysis and investment banking.  
Bronwen (13 Liston) and Tanzilah (13 Pellegrini) 

Mr Jarvis –School Careers Adviser

For further careers information please click here