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Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

In order to prepare students for progression to Higher Education or apprenticeship pathways we have a detailed programme of events for every student.

Through our Routes to Success Programme we provide customised enrichment activities including: university visits, degree subject talks, employer mentoring, work experience and careers talks from leading employers.
We have a comprehensive programme for application to leading universities and competitive courses, including Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine and Dentistry. The Sixth Form regularly sends students to study at the top universities and has excellent links with all the London universities together with partnerships with universities inside and outside of London

Careers Guidance

Mr Jarvis the School Careers Adviser offers career guidance appointments helping students explore their career ideas and choose a pathway for after Sixth Form. This includes guidance on a choice of degree subjects, which universities to apply to or support applying for apprenticeships.

In addition we put students in touch with volunteering and personal development opportunities. The careers team regularly supports students by giving feedback on application forms and providing mock interviews.

“It has helped me realise what I need to do next (research) and opened doors I didn’t realise were there’

“It has helped me with which work experience I should do and how to find it”

“Many thanks I couldn’t have done it without you and your help, 
especially during the mock interview!”

Work Experience

I Can You Can Too Coaching & Mentoring Programme 2019/20

Year 12s work alongside leading City Employers! 

The #icanyoucantoo careers mentoring programme helps young people with the confidence and skills to access career opportunities with major employers in competitive industries. 

A former pupil of our sixth form Mr Nilesh Dosa, a consultant at Big-4 Financial Services firm EY, runs this for students from St Angela’s, St Bonaventure’s and Barking Abbey Schools and his work with the project has recently been featured in Forbes magazine.  

Eight of our Year 12 students were selected to take part: 

Kioli and Catherine (12 Carruthers), Paula and Liona (12 Kane), Neo (12 Liston), Daniela (12 Cunningham), Rabir (12 Pellegrini) and Tracy (12 Sharif). We also had 2 Year 13 Ambassadors Delina (13 Hector) and Bella (13 Oyebanjo) who did a great job supporting the events and our Year 12s participation.    

From October 19 to the end of February 20 there were four events hosted at EY, Linklaters Law Firm, Redington Investment and Moo Design’s prestigious offices in the City as well as a “Live Career Library” at Pearsons Business College. From March the programme moved online with weekly group mentoring and training sessions until the end of June 20.

Our mentees learnt from a top team of executives and recruiters from these companies about what employers look for and how they recruit. They also practised key employability skills. 

Highlights included:

  • A launch session at EY Canary Wharf with Debate Mate

  • An event at Moo – how to develop your personal brand and emotional resilience

  • First Impressions / Interview Skills – Linklater’s Law Firm

  • “Live Careers Library”- 37 professionals from accountants, actuaries, investment bankers and marketing managers to lawyers, architects, doctors and engineers all with major employer’s formed into panels to talk to our mentees about their career area’s   

  • Weekly Video conferencing April to June 20- talks and group mentoring sessions facilitated by Nilesh with guest speakers including those in key roles at EY and HSBC    

Our Year 12s also took part in the following activities which were assessed by EY and Redington executives and recruiters– they also received personalised written feedback.

  • Group discussion selection exercises at Redington with students from other schools

  • Our students giving video presentations on a topic of their choice

  • How to write CVs and CV reviews 

  • Practice telephone mock Job interviews


Examples of the great feedback received from our mentees and ambassadors:    

“I feel the inspiration and teaching we have received so far has and will continue to provide us with life skills and important things to think about going forwards in life” – Neo

“I found writing a CV and getting a professional to review it really helpful as I learnt how to make my CV stand out from the crowd” – Paula . 

“It’s a very inspirational programme. It covers different aspects like careers and character building and it has helped me understand my character even more and shown me how to present myself” - Daniela.

“The skills and experiences I’ve gained have been so insightful and invaluable. I particularly enjoyed the session on personal branding as it was very eye-opening and useful” – Delina

“The Icanyoucantoo project was well worth applying too” – Rabir

Realising Opportunities

Realising Opportunities Russell Group Universities Project 2020
Year 12 and 13 successful outcomes.

Realising Opportunities includes taster lectures, events and mentoring for sixth formers provided by 16 of the country’s leading Russell Group research intensive Universities.  

The Universities are: Birmingham, Exeter, Goldsmiths, Kings, Leeds, Lancaster, Leicester, Liverpool, Loughborough, Queen Mary, Newcastle, Sheffield, Sussex, UCL, Warwick and York

Each student is linked to an undergraduate mentor studying a subject they aspire to. They also complete an academic assignment. Those completing get RO (Realising Opportunities) UCAS degree offers at Russell Group Universities, 2 A level grades lower than standard offer.

We have now been working in partnership with “Realising Opportunities” for 7 years via our host university Kings College, University of London.   

Twelve Year 12 students, a very high number from one school, were successful getting onto the project this academic year. They attended a launch at Kings College in January and the National RO Student Conference at University of Exeter in March.

We also have seven Year 13s who completed the 2nd year of Realising Opportunities with fantastic RO reduced UCAS offers at Russell group universities. 
Examples of offers received: 

Medicine – Queen Mary University of London - AAA (instead of A*AA))

Psychology – UCL University College London- AAB (instead of A*AA)

Psychology – Queen Mary – BBB (instead of AAB)

Economics and Industrial Organisations - Warwick – AAB (instead of A*AA)   

Maths – Kings College University of London- AAC (instead of A*AA) 

Children’s Nursing – University of Birmingham – BCC (instead of BBB)

Ancient World History- UCL  – BBB (instead of AAB)

Maths - University of Birmingham- ABB (Instead of AAA)

Maths – Lancaster University - ABB (Instead of AAA)

We hope to get some more of our new Year 12s onto this great project next academic year.

Work Experience, Mentoring & Careers Insights

Examples of Work Experience, Mentoring & Careers insights secured for our students for Summer 2020!   

KPMG and Clifford Chance
Year 11 CV Project - May to June 

Via Futures East London Careers Cluster (15 Billion) - which resulted in 23 Year 11 students and a few sixth form students receiving guidance on producing a CV and professional written feedback on their completed CVs from volunteer executives at KPMG Accountancy and Clifford Chance Law firm.

Facebook Elevate Project
Mentoring with Facebook Executives – July to August

Via our partnership with The Brokerage City Link – Year 12 student Chideraa (12 Sharif) joined this cutting edge project which three of our Year 12s completed last term. Chidera will take part in a series of six online meetings /events run by Facebook and will be linked to a software developer or tech professional learning about tech careers and employability skills.  They will also give a business presentation to Facebook executives.

Creative Mentor Network
16 weeks mentoring with Senior Producer at Jamie Oliver - June to October 

Following the success of five of our sixth former students last term a further Year 12 student,  Haajadri (12 Carruthers) was selected by CMN to work with a leading creative industry employer. This is a 16 week project with fortnightly online meetings with a professional mentor and contributing real work for the employer.
Haajadri is linked to a Senior Producer at Jamie Oliver an exclusive opportunity to learn about careers in TV production and Social Media.   

Carbon Academy 2020
M&C Saatchi Advertising Agency Mentoring & Work Experience - April to September 

Year 12 student Shelly (12 Blake) applied for this competitive project and is now undertaking six months of mentoring and work experience with M&C Saatchi Advertising Agency and has been linked to a female advertising creative executive.

Bart’s Health NHS Trust
Pathways to Health Mentorship Project - April & June starts 

Via our compact with Bart’s Healthcare Horizons team five of our Year 12 students started the Pathways to Health Mentorship Project. This includes online workshops with doctors exploring healthcare careers, a healthcare professional mentor and support with UCAS applications for their chosen medical profession. The students involved are Heavenly (12 Pellegrini), Venus (12 Kane), Ashmi (12 Cunningham), Shara (12 Sharif) and Daniela (13 Clift)  

A further seven of our Year 12s have also attended Bart’s Horizons Medical and Dental Zoom insight events.  

Science Research Virtual Work Experience Placements - July to August 

Two Year 12 students,  Venus (12 Kane) and Mohammed (12 Pellegrini) will complete a one month In2Science project, with workshops learning about STEM research from research scientists and mentoring in a chosen field. Virtual placements include research institutes at Cambridge, UCL or Kings or a science employer such as Dyson or Oxford BioMedical.

University of The Arts London (UAL)
Art & Design Taster courses - Spring and Summer

Three Year 12 students successfully applied for the UAL Insights spring and summer virtual schools at prestigious Art colleges, giving higher education tasters of Art and Design specialisms.
Shelly (12 Blake) and Emilia (12 Sharif) - London College of Communication, Graphic Design and Animation.
Maryam (12 Jenkins) - Central Saint Martins, Architecture and Product Design.

RBS Royal Bank of Scotland
Work experience and mentoring programme - July to August  

Mohammed (12 Pellegrini) Organised through our partners The Brokerage City Link – Hamza and further year 12 students will take part in this Summer virtual work experience learning from RBS finance professionals and  corporate lawyers.  

Jefferies Financial Group
Investment banking careers workshop – June 20  

Two Year 12 students, Mohammed (12 Pellegrini) and Zoe (12 Liston), took part in this virtual investment banking careers seminar from Jefferies Investment bank, this was organised by SEO London who run careers programmes for our students with city employers.  

Clifford Chance
Year 12s Mock interview Day - July  

Through our work with Futures East London Careers Cluster (15 Billion) 41 Year 12 students undertook a zoom practice job interview with an executive or lawyer from city law firm Clifford Chance. This was a rare opportunity to practice interviews and get feedback on how to improve employability skills from a top law firm.

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