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Virtual London Youth Games Cross Country Competition

Congratulations to St Angela’s Cross Country Team who took part in the Virtual London Youth Games Cross Country Competition.

This year the London Youth Games decided to make their competition virtual to give young athletes the opportunity to represent their school by competing in the regional competition.  As a school we made this possible by creating our very own St Angela’s Cross Country route within the school grounds!

Congratulations to the year 7 cross country team who competed in the 2000m race; Tejen (7 Franklin) who placed 3rd, Jessica (7 Ganguly) who placed 2nd, and Fatima (7 Cavell) who placed 1st. Throughout the competition the girls demonstrated fantastic resilience and determination. The girls' times will now be sent to the London Youth Games to find out where they placed in the regional competition. 

1st place: Fatima - 13:56

2nd place: Jessica - 16:53

3rd place: Tejen - 18:19  


Congratulations also goes to the year 8 team who ran 2500m. During the race all athletes demonstrated their fantastic positive attitudes and determination resulting in some fantastic personal bests. Well done to: Alisha (8 Wang), Tyra (8 Burton), Ana (8 Wang), Daniela (8 Rhodes), Klaudia (8 Okpo), Rianne (8 Rhodes), Whitney (8 Okpo) and Eira (8 Wang). 

1st place: Alisha - 14:42

2nd place: Klaudia - 15:29

3rd place: Daniella - 15:33


The Year 9 cross country team equally demonstrated fantastic determination and resilience throughout the race. All athletes kept a positive mindset throughout the competition and also resulted in some of the girls improving their personal best!

Congratulations to Rancel (9 Lockwood), Elizabeth (9 Wells), Janelle (9 Fawcett), Madelaine (9 Lockwood) and Afua (9 Lockwood).   

1st place: Afua - 14:31

2nd place: Janelle - 15:07

3rd place: Elizabeth - 15:55


Finally a huge congratulations to the year 11 cross country team who ran 3500m around the school grounds. Throughout the competition all athletes demonstrated fantastic teamwork by encouraging each other throughout the race, they also demonstrated fantastic dedication and motivation. All athletes kept to an effective pace with some even managing to execute a sprint finish at the end of the race!

Congratulations to Bethany (11 Lin), Janet (11 Jiricna), Rayna (11 Brady), Shekinah (11 Sejima), Bynum (11 Sejima), Cian (11 Brady), Maria (11 Lin), Ola (11 Merrick), Chinazo (11 Hadid), Eanna (Hadid), Joyce (11 Sejima) and Daphne (11 Lin).

1st place: Chinazo - 20:03

2nd place: Janet - 22:26

3rd place: Shekinah & Daphne - 23:24