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The Centre For Advanced Training Auditions

The Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) at Trinity Laban is an innovative scheme offering young people with exceptional talent and potential in dance the opportunity to access high quality dance training.

The programme of classes provides intensive and rigorous dance training taught by a highly experienced team of professional dance teachers and artists.  Ms Jarvis encouraged two students to audition for this prestigious programme, and they were successful in gaining a place for September.  Congratulations to Tessa (Yr 11) and Janelle (Yr 9).

Here are their thoughts on the audition process:

My experience with the CAT programme was so exciting as it allowed me to challenge myself when doing creative work, it helped me develop my technical skills as well as social skills especially when having to dance in an environment with other different talented dancers. When I attended my first taster class, I was quite nervous whether or not I was going to be capable of picking up choreography but by the end of the day I was able to just do my best and genuinely have fun in the love I have for dance. I really enjoyed my experience with CAT which I am so grateful for and I can’t wait to be part of it again in September!

The whole audition process excited me because I had never taken part in anything like it before. I explored styles of dance I didn't previously know of, took part in workshops led by professionals, made friends with the other auditionees, and recognised the expressiveness of dance and how to interpret dance, so regardless of the outcome I would be grateful to be able to experience such an environment like CAT. All of this I gained from 2 days of auditions which makes me look forward to what CAT can provide for me in the future.