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National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition

NJIRC is an annual competition which would normally take place at the Copper Box however this year it went virtual. 

All classes from Year 7 to 11 took part and the top five rowers in each category were entered in this national competition.  Year 11 rowed for 6 minutes, Year 10 for 5 minutes, Year 9 for 4 minutes, Year 8 for 3 minutes and Year 7 for 2 minutes.  It is an intensive row on the ergo machines as the rowers try to sprint for as long as possible.  

Two rowers Martina (yr 11) and Ekene (yr 8) achieved a silver and bronze medal respectively at the National Champions in the KS4 and KS3 invitational races.  Other team members performed exceptionally, for some it was the first time they were competing at NJIRC and many of the experienced rowers achieved personal bests.

The results were as follows:

KS3 Invitational - 2 min row
Ekene rowed 396m Bronze medal     
Abigale rowed 378m - 4th
Sheriska rowed 320m - 8th

Year 7 - out of 593 rowers
Elsie rowed 450m - 70th
Amira rowed 434m -  117th
Davida rowed 433m -  20th 
Evelina rowed 432m  - 122nd
Tejen rowed 425m -  146th

Year 9 - out of 325 rowers
Jeanette rowed 917m - 48th
Afua rowed 880m -  90th
Adanna rowed 867m -  112th
Maryanna rowed 860m - 118th
Karita rowed 856m -  123rd

Year 11—out of 55 rowers
Bethany rowed 1400m - 15th
Chioma rowed 1376m - 18th
Brume rowed 1348m - 21st
Peace rowed 1319 - 24th
Ashanti rowed 1309 - 25th

KS4 Invitational - 2 min row
Martina rowed 478m - Silver Medal
Manuela rowed 349m - 7th

Year 8 - out of 359 rowers
Theresa rowed 688m - 40th
Erin rowed 654m - 85th
Tyra rowed 652m -  89th
Hanneil rowed 651m -  96th
Malia rowed 645m -  115th 

Year 10 - out of 133 rowers
Vesna rowed 1137m - 47th
Emmanuella rowed 1076m - 61st
Allegra rowed 1057m - 69th
Everita rowed 1055m - 70th
Alicja rowed 1044 - 71st

The best 4 rower’s results were entered for the sprint relay with the Junior team placing 18th with a time of 2:12.9/500m and the Senior team placing 11th with a time of 2:10.3/500m.

A fantastic achievement by all the rowers - well done!