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London Youth Virtual Dance Competition

The London Youth Virtual Dance Competition has been a little different this year with it moving online. 

Rehearsals started back in October but were disrupted by the lockdown and resumed once the dancers were back in school in March.  Janet, Jayla, Vitalija and Shallet were very dedicated during the creative process rehearsing after school.  The dance was then videoed and sent to be judged, with results being published later in July. 

The dance choreographed was called “We Take to the Streets” and here is the choreographic intention of the piece:
As individuals within society we can be expected to conform and adopt certain roles.  As we start to learn more about ourselves we learn that some of us will not be accepted for who we are.  We then have a choice – do we lie to everyone to protect ourselves or do we stand up and confront them, risking losing loved ones?  

Moments of unison show that we are able to conform but we break out to show our true self by the use of counterpoint.  The elevations demonstrate a sense of pride - of who we are and the growth we have undertaken.  Our journey will still have struggles but belief and with the support of others we can stand up for what we believe in and walk tall.

Costumes - The different coloured shirts worn in different ways expresses us as individuals.  The black trousers and hairstyles represent conformity.

Click on the link below to view this dance: