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GCSE Dance Lessons

One of the focal points for this term was looking at a professional dance work called Infra choreographed by Wayne McGregor. 

Some of the choreographic processes that the professional dancers went through were explored by the dancers to create a group dance.  

Firstly they created solos which were referred to as ‘physical signatures’ as these embodied the individual way each dancer expressed themselves.  These were then developed by the use of dynamics, changing the speed, weight and flow of the movement.  Each dancer created a motif based on four actions (for example: Word Set 1: Extend, Sideways, Controlled. Word Set 2: Ripple, Circular, Quick. Word Set 3: Kick, Forwards, Sudden. Word Set 4: Push, Diagonal facing, Explosive) and shared it with another dancer who created their own response to this. The dancers continued to develop the material further to create ‘paragraphs of movements’.  Finally movement was shared within pairs and developed to create a sextet.

Please click on the link below to watch this work: