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Active Row East

Congratulations to the Rowing team who competed at the Active Row East competition facilitated by London Youth Rowing.

The team won a handful of medals and saw many of the students improving their personal best.

Students received their medals from triple Olympic gold medalist Andrew Triggs Hodge and they were:
Brume - Yr 10 silver medal
Bethany - Yr 10 Bronze medal 
Martina - KS4 inclusive gold medal 
Vanessa - KS4 inclusive silver medal 
Ekene - KS3 inclusive silver medal
Pamela - KS3 inclusive bronze medal 
Angelica and Manuela won certificates for special achievement. 

Well done to Bethany, Khatezlyn, Mo, Chioma, Margarita, Peace, Nia, Chelsea, Katie, Jenae, Adanna, Maseray, Hosana, Erin, Willow.