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The new GCSE grading system of 1- 9 is used to assess students from years 7 to 11. The 9-1 grids for each subject identify the knowledge, understanding and skills required for each grade. 

Students were previously assessed using letter grades at GCSE and National Curriculum levels at Key Stage 3. The table below published by Ofqual highlights the comparison between the old letter grades to the new numerical grades.

The school makes use of formative and summative assessment to secures students progress. This will be a combination of classroom assessments and year group examinations. 

The parents of Key Stage 3 and 4 students will receive 3 reports per year, 1 per term. These reports will highlight students current working at grade, their predicted grade and an indicator for their efforts both in lessons and with the work completed for home learning. The report will also communicate how well students have performed in recent examinations or assessments. This will allow you to gauge how well your child is growing in the skills required to complete their GCSEs. 

The timetable is temporarily suspended in the summer term and Year 7 - 10 sit formal end of year examinations. This helps familiarise students with completing examinations in an exam hall environment under timed conditions.  Year 11-13 will also sit mock examinations in the winter term to fully prepare them for their summer external examinations.