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Frequently Asked Questions

Sixth Form Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

What forms have to be submitted to apply for St Angela’s Sixth Form?

In order to apply for St Angela’s Sixth Form. you’ll need to complete the online sixth form application form. 

Where can I find the application form?

You can find the application form on the Sixth Form Admissions page on the school website. 

What happens after the application is submitted? 

After your application has been submitted, we will request your academic reference from your current school. You must ensure that the reference email address submitted on your application is that of your Head of Year or Form Tutor. 

I’ve made a mistake on my application form, what should I do?

If you have made a mistake on your application or you wish to change a subject choice, email the sixth form admin team on Please ensure that you quote your application number on any correspondence with the school, this will be on the confirmation email you receive after submission. 

What happens if my application is late? 

Late applications received after the closing date will be considered in accordance with the admissions criteria from the date of receipt but not so as to prejudice decisions already taken after the closing date regarding the allocation of places.

(which simply means that decisions already made giving a place to a child will not be changed to the school receiving a late application)

What happens when I get my results?

St Angela’s Sixth Form will have a well published enrolment process, hopefully in person, however should coronavirus restrictions dictate so we may also do this remotely as we did in 2020.  Following the enrolment process in a timely manner (meaning on the day and at the correct time!) is very important as courses can fill quickly and once classes are full those subject options then close. 

If I am a St Angela’s student but don’t get the results I needed - do I still get in? 

No, places can only be made to the admission criteria. 

What happens if I don’t get the results I need? 

Don’t panic! Firstly check the admission criteria to see if there are other options/subject choices you might consider instead.  Ensure you keep your options open by researching other providers that may offer courses with different grade criteria and you are always welcome to contact the enrollment team for advice on the day.