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Careers Programme Information

St Angela’s Ursuline School employs an experienced and professionally qualified Careers Adviser (Post Grad QCG) 2.5 days per week to provide students with Careers advice and guidance.

In addition we use '15 Billion Careers Provider' for an additional Careers Adviser for 1 day per week. Careers activities are also delivered by teachers through our PSHE programme. (All students in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 have 1 hour of PSHE timetabled every week.) Subject departments also organise careers talks and trips with employers and universities.

Careers Contacts:

St Angela's School Career's Leader St Angela's School Careers Advisor

Anne-Marie Kennedy

Deputy Head Teacher

Chris Jarvis

School Careers Adviser 

Tel: 0208 472 6022

Tel: 0208 472 6022


Examples of Careers Programmes undertaken by our students:

Key Stage 3

  • Careers Assemblies in Year 8 + 9 Weekly
  • Year 9 Wednesday Lunchtime Careers Drop In Clinics Spring Term with School Careers Adviser
  • Year 9 Careers Guidance appointments with 15 Billion Careers Adviser
  • PSHE Intro to online careers exploration packages KUDOS + e Clips. Also STEPS careers education booklets.
  • Series of Assembly Subject Department “Options” Presentations – Year 9 Spring term
  • Year 9 Options Pathways Evening Spring Term
  • Industry Careers talks + visits organised via links with Newham Borough CEIAG Network
  • STEM link to TFL (Transport for London) Inspire Engineering Day


Key Stage 4

  • Year 10s and 11s Lunchtime Careers Drop In Clinics (held on Wednesdays) with the School Careers Adviser
  • Year 10 Careers Guidance appointments with School Careers Adviser + 15 Billion Careers Adviser
  • Post 16 Options Talks (comparing A level, BTEC + Apprenticeship Pathways) for all Year 11s with the School Careers Adviser
  • Year 11 Careers Guidance appointments + follow up appointments with the School Careers Adviser + 15 Billion Careers Adviser
  • SEO Scholars Advance Careers Programme – project for G+T Year 10s with insight days to leading city firms and organisations such as Freshfields, Royal Academy of Engineering and visits to Oxford and Cambridge Universities
  • Year 11s Access to Annual Skills for London Excel Careers Exhibition
  • Industry Careers talks and visits organised via links with Newham Borough CEIAG Network, The Brokerage City Link, STEMNET, BLD (Black Lawyers Directory) and Subject Department link

Key Stage 5

  • Year 12 and 13s Lunchtime Careers Drop In Clinics (held on Thursdays) and Careers Guidance appointments with School Careers Adviser
  • Visits organised to leading City Employers and Careers Events
  • 6th Form Summer enrichment programme of university visits, taster days and subject Master Classes
  • NAS National Apprenticeship Service – Assembly Presentation

Examples of Careers Mentoring Projects

  • CMN Creative Industries Mentoring Project - links Year 12s account and brand managers and creatives from marketing and advertising agencies
  • “I can you can too” mentoring project. Year 12s attending 5 or 6 employability workshops at EY leading financial Services employer
  • The Brokerage City Link – Link us to Working in the City Days with major city companies + 1 to 1 mock interviews for 6th formers
  • Bart NHS Health Trust East London Careers Project - clinical hospital work experience placements for Year 12 + 13s
  • Realising Opportunities Russell Group Universities Project- links our Year 12s with undergraduate online mentors studying subjects they aspire to at 14 Russell Group Universities Pupils can access information about Careers Programme
  • Activities via Careers Adviser Menu of Services Assemblies, Form Tutors, weekly
  • Careers Drop In Clinics and regular School email updates


Parents and Employers please contact:

St Angela's School Careers Advisor
Chris Jarvis -

sT aNGELA'S provider access policy

Measuring and assessing the impact of our school careers programme on pupils

  • Student Careers Guidance Feedback questionnaires
  • Student feedback form mentoring projects + Careers Visits
  • Record numbers of students on Mentoring + Work Experience Projects
  • Record of numbers seen for careers guidance appointments and Drop In Record Careers Visits undertaken
  • KS5 - Routes to Success + ULAS log Careers Adviser IAG reports for KS3 , 4 + 5

Careers Links

Your Daughter’s Future - a new resource on employability and aspiration for parents of young women in key stage 3 & 4

National Careers Service Website

Review date for careers information published on this page is: July 2021