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Maths Feast Competition

On Wednesday 6th March, eight Year 10 students attended The Maths Feast at Oaklands School with Mr Hector, representing St Angela’s Ursuline School.

The Maths Feast is a challenging team competition which tests mathematical, team-working and communication skills. It encourages students to apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt in class to solve difficult questions and problems in a limited time.

There were various rounds (named in a way to reflect an actual feast), which involved problem solving, a relay race and even a round which gave the students a taste of A level mathematics.

“It was very demanding and gave our minds a challenge, however it proved to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.” Alexandra, Year 10 Student

“The competition was very eye-opening for the students, it gave them a chance to consider taking Maths and Further Maths at A level. Overall, it helped everyone that participated in the competition to utilise the maths skills gained at school and develop their enjoyment of Maths.” Mr Hector, Maths Teacher