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Zuzanna's Story: How To Become An Apprentice Wing Designer

St Angela's Ursuline School Alumni Zuzanna, shares her experience of working and studying to become a Wing Designer at Airbus.

She shared her story with BBC Bitesize, which you can watch by clicking here.

  • After leaving St Angela's School Zuzanna decided on an apprenticeship at the company Airbus, where she gets hands-on experience as well as getting a degree for free
  • She studied Triple Science at GCSE and went on to do Physics, Maths and Product Design at A-level
  • She knew she wanted to combine her love of Physics with her creativity. Her apprenticeship offers the perfect combination! She and the team work on design solutions to make aircraft as efficient as possible
  • Zuzanna moved away from home for her apprenticeship, so feels she is getting the uni experience without the debt "The best part of my job is to see the parts I design get built and put on the aircraft."