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St Angela's Awarded 'Oscar Romero Award'

St Angela's has been awarded an 'Oscar Romero Award' for Catholic Social teaching and action within the school.

The award recognises Catholic Social Teaching, Spirituality and Faith in Action within the school. We are currently the first and only school in the Diocese to be awarded.

We have provided a range of evidence of how the school shows faith in action, and how the students engage with it. As a school we are committed to reflecting the motto Serviam in our actions and are highly proud of all students and staff for their part in this service. 

Students spend time in RE lessons reflecting on the true needs of people around the world and are reminded to stand up against injustice. They are then active in raising awareness of this through the work of charity campaigns and money raising activities. Many students also participate in wider aspects such as charity or liturgy reps, and speak up about world issues in extra events such as debate club.  These actions not only raise awareness, but contribute to the whole ethos of the school, remembering the teachings of Christ and our developing journey of faith.

All staff are part of developing and celebrating the school ethos and it has been wonderful to be recognised for all of the hard work and commitment put into the school and our legacy as a Catholic School.

Ms Vassiliou - Head of RE