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Sports Day!

On Tuesday 14th of July St Angela's Ursuline School held its first remote sports day.

How on earth could that possibly work one might reasonably ask?

‘I think that it is a good experience especially as it's never been done before :)’ This was Year 7’s first ever Sports Day at St Angela’s!

I think Sports Day was a great way to communicate and have fun. 

'Sports Day has been amazing! The number of activities that we have got to try, really got me into the mood. It even gave me a chance to interact with my friends and work together as a form class to reach the top for a 🏅 medal!'

The day began with a Mexican Wave from all of the staff to the students and moved to a solidarity post from Serena Williams on Black Lives Matter. A poignant reflection on the role we must all play in changing our world.

The students then took part in a physical warm up, through a video created by our wonderful PE team and then moved on to a range of physical challenges. The student responses to the challenges were absolutely brilliant-

​"Trust me Miss, I did it properly and I got 96 (I'm sweating so badly)"

"I did 98, I can't feel my legs anymore"

"I struggled but I did 32"


After a short break, the students were sent a St Angela's Lockdown Cheerleading video - they were challenged to either take a picture of themselves or to draw a picture of themselves or to describe their favourite cheer to earn points for their form!

In order to slightly cool down, the students then moved on to a quiz - all sports based with Year 7-12 competing against one another!

“I really enjoyed the quiz and working with my form”

In order to earn more points for their form, students have also been designing sports banners and taking part in a 2 mile challenge!

Certificates galore have been sent home to parents, including for each of the challenges, for taking part, for winning different aspects across the day and we are ending the day with an inspirational presentation and a student vs staff online sprint race!

A fantastic day and a huge thank you to the PE team, the admin team, the Heads of Year, the Form Tutors and of course our amazing students and families for making it all happen!

Goooooooooooooooooooo St Angela’s!

We are delighted to announce that 9 Aderin are the overall Sports Day Winners for 2020, with the most combined point in the school- Well Done Aderin.