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Remote Rise Up Day

St Angela’s held its first remote Rise Up Day in May.

The Year 10 Students had an Online Retreat and the other year groups explored relationships.

The day also included the student further exploring their Ursuline Student Profile and the virtue of Listening and Attentive.  This included looking at the world around us and how it is possible always to make a difference - Captain Tom was used as a prime example to us all.

Students were given the opportunity as ever to feedback -

‘I enjoyed thinking about how we can help those around us’

‘I just want to say that I really  enjoyed Rise Up day and also did most of the work on paper, because I will keep it and I am looking forward to showing you when we are back in school’.

‘I really, really, really, really enjoyed last week's Rise Up day because it gave me the opportunity to think about my friends. I realised that I don't yet really know my friends that much and need to get to know them better! Thank you for a lovely day sir’. 

‘I really enjoyed Rise up Day. The activities were fun and I learned new things. My favourite was the healthy relationship work. It taught me how to keep a healthy relationship and how to notice a bad one. Also, I learnt about the rights and responsibilities of myself and my peers in a friendship. I enjoyed writing the thank you card and my teachers have responded so that's nice too. I have printed my work and I will show you when we return’.

‘I enjoyed Rise up Day very much. It made me think a lot about all of the good times we had in school and about the good times that will come when this is all over. I liked the work on changing relationships and how things need to change for the better in the future’.