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PE Students On BBC 6 O'Clock News

St Angela's Ursuline School PE department and students were featured on the BBC 6 o'clock news on Thursday 6th December. 

St Angela's Rowing Club were excited to receive a visit from BBC 6 o'clock news to highlight a report which was being released.

The Government's Chief Medical Officer said that children should be doing one hour of physical activity a day to be healthy and happy. A survey by Sport England showed that a third of children are not meeting this. Sport England found that two million children do less than 30 minutes a day of physical activity and girls aged 9+ from black backgrounds are less active than other children. Members of St. Angela's Rowing Club meet weekly and are active, enthusiastic and the sport and are working towards meeting this target. Not only does Rowing enable them to improve their physical fitness but it develops their self esteem, confidence and ability to work together as a team!