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Continuing Professional Development

We offer a range of professional development opportunities for teachers both primary and secondary. Our aim is to support peer-to-peer professional & leadership development.

Our programmes focus particularly on:

  • Early Career teachers with “NQT and Early Career Training”

  • Classroom teachers with our range of Olevi programmes

  • Middle Leaders with our programme on “Lead, Manage, Do”


OLEVI Training Programmes

These programmes are facilitated by experienced, OLEVI trained school leaders and teachers and through practical and interactive development sessions, participants will build confidence as they generate ideas and strategies on how to improve their practice.  It will give good and outstanding teachers a set of high level skills and strategies to enable them to become consistently and sustainably outstanding.  Both the Creative Teacher Programme and the Outstanding Teacher Programme are delivered at least once each year.

Creative Teacher Programme

Outstanding Teacher Programme

For more details on our CPD programme please contact