Students can access a huge variety of resources in our TLC in the form of books, DVDs and digitally for all subjects and extra curricular interests.

Out of Hours

One of the major strands of the on-going drive to raise achievement at St Angela’s is the comprehensive out-of-hours learning program to which all staff contribute.

Study Support happens in all Key Stages


  • Homework club runs each night in the school library 3.25pm-4.25pm. Monday-Thursday.
  • The library staff and a member of the Curriculum Support Team or learning mentor will also be in attendance
  • Core subjects offer after school and Saturday sessions in the Spring term prior to SATs examinations


  • Study support is run for an hour after school for 30 weeks of the school year
  • At some point in the cycle all subjects will be offered to all students
  • There is very careful targeting of students who must attend these sessions
  • All subject areas must provide a clear programme of study for each half term. This is displayed on the Study Support notice board
  • Additional publicity for study support should take place within departments
  • Sessions should be covered in the event of staff absence and no session should ever be cancelled without the Study Support Co-ordinator being notified
  • An attendance register must be kept. This will be collected during the session. Details of attendance are analysed for a wide variety of purposes and individual student issues followed-up
  • All students have their own individual timetable and there is a full programme of Study Support publicity around the school
  • Study support is a fully integrated into the school ethos and working day and is not a “bolt-on” extra


Timetabled after-school sessions are run throughout the year following the Key Stage 4 model

Revision classes take place for sixth form prior to external exams.

These include:

  • Saturday morning sessions leading to the January examination period
  • February half-term
  • Easter
  • May half-term


This is run in conjunction with Community Education for our Year 6 students and those potentially going to St Bonaventure’s.It is run for 30 weeks of the school year with 10 teachers.


Many interventions take place after school or on a Saturday and these include:

  • Study Plus
  • Mentoring
  • EAL Groups (student and adult)
  • One-to-one tuition