St Angela's has been taking part in the BBC News school report project. Students get a chance to experience working as a journalist and reporting their news here.

BBC News

BBC School Report 2014

Students from St Angela's Ursuline School made the news for real on 27th March as they take part in BBC News School Report. Look at the links below to see what the students were reporting on.



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    BBC School Report 2013



    Students from this St Angela's Ursuline school will be making the news for real today as they take part in BBC News School Report.

    Click on the links below to read some of the news stories our students have been reporting on.



        Watch the video above to see the ways St Angela's students were involved in the Olympic Games.

      Paralympics 2012: Two St Angela's BBC School reporters go live on BBC London!

      Before they headed into the Olympic Park to watch a day of Paralympic action, two students from St Angela's Ursuline School got the chance to make their live radio debut. Marianna and Charmaine were interviewed on BBC London 94.9 but before they went on air, they had a chat with BBC London reporter Jason Rosam. Then they went into the studio to appear live with Paul Ross and Gabby Roslin, answering questions about being involved with School Report and their views of the Games. Hear the girls explain what it was like - and how being on the radio can be surprisingly relaxing!

      Click here to listen to BBC London report

      Click here to listen to them after their interview


      Athletic Friday 31st August

      Excel Saturday 1st September

      Athletics Monday 3rd September



      Our students have been learning to be journalists throughout the year with the help of the BBC. They were reporting & broadcasting them for real throughout the day yesterday.


      St Angela's Olympic News - We have been reporting on the upcoming Olympics and the events and competitions that have been happening at St Angela's. Click on the links below to read some of our articles.

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